SOOOO Perfect for the bachelorette party i threw this weekend. I bought these and another packet of more random tatts. The ladies went crazy and i still have "best maid of honor ever" on my arm at work this Monday morning... =X

So cute! Not cheap looking (I was worried about that). Good size too for a little goody bag!

Loved them, made the bachelorette party even more fun!

Absolutely adorable! Thank you for these great bags.

The girls loved their little hangover kits with all sorts of goodies stuffed inside! They were just the right size!


These are going into wedding welcome bags, and they hold all the little necessities perfectly

Cute and perfect as a gift at a bachelorette party! I filled it with Ibuprofen and tums!

Love these hangover bags! Perfect for our wedding after party guest favors!

I absolutely loved these bags! We celebrated my husband's 30th birthday last night and these were a hit. I put aspirin, Double Mint gum, chamomile tea, and a cereal bar in the bags for everyone to take home. - Shelly Anderson

These were perfect for making Bachelorette Party Hangover Kits for my sister's bachelorette party. I added aspirin, emergen-c, gum, bandaids and a fun straw to each bag as a favor for all of the guests. As a bonus, the bag can double as a barf bag if anyone is in need of that. The bags are well constructed and seem to be of a durable, quality material. They were big enough to hold all of the items I added to the kits, but still small enough that the girls could stick the bag in their purse if they wanted to bring it to the bar. The package includes 25, so they are quite affordable as well. -Brittany

Really cute, great price. I put the following in mine: ibuprofen, tums, gum, emergenC, crackers, band aids with room to spare. I put the bags in swag bags for a bachelorette party. -Shixa

These were a huge hit for our Bach party. Perfect size for emergency hangover supplies! -Amanda

Simply adorable. A bit pricey but worth it. They look really nice and made a fabulous impression. I used them as suggested and put disposable packages of aspirin in them for a birthday party for my cousin and it got a lot of laughs. -Sarah

Using these for a bachelorette party hangover kit/favor bag. These are perfect size to fit in purse, yet big enough to stuff a lot in! Mine are packed tight & the string tie allowed me to pull them shut and tie them in place. -Rebecca

Great bags that I used to put together hangover packages for a bachelorette party! I could fit everything I needed to inside (gum, mints, tylenol, advil, hair ties, chapstick, 5 hour energy shot)! Great quality! -Nicole

These are wonderful! they are so perfect. Using them for a "hangover kit" after a bachelorette party I am planning. It is the perfect size to put; chapstick, mints, hair ties, and something to get rid of those headaches after! plus other little items. They are durable, and have a little bit of stretch to them. Recommend for sure!!

I used these bags as a morning after treat for my sister's Bachelorette Party. They were a hit!!! I was able to fill them up with hair ties, gum, emergen-C, advil, breath mints, etc and tied them to mini water bottles. Would definitely recommend! -Johanna

These bags had a cute design and were sturdy enough material to put 4 or 5 small items in like gum, hand sanitizer, makeup remover, and aspirin. These worked perfectly as a bag for the hangover kits we put together for the bachelorette party. -Evee

These are super cute!!! I am having a beach wedding in Mexico in the near future, and I bought these to leave in the rooms at the resort for all guests. I am filling them with things like electrolyte mixes, advil, bandaids, heartburg medication, hand wipes, breath mints, etc. They are just the right size to fill with single serving packs of many items. The few guests I have shown them to so far absolutely love them! Great price also. -OMarko

Great Hangover kit bag for my sister's Bachelorette party! I was able to fit all my supplies; a packet of Emergen-C, packet of Pepto, 2 packets of Advil, chapstick and a small tin of Altoids. Still thinking of adding more! Perfect size! -Sarah

Using these for a bachelorette party hangover kit/favor bag. These are perfect size to fit in purse, yet big enough to stuff a lot in! Mine are packed tight & the string tie allowed me to pull them shut and tie them in place. -Rebecca

This is such a great idea for a bachelorette party! Cute bags, perfect for advil, mints, bottle of water, etc. for each of the girls! -Tara

I got these for a friend for her baby shower. THEY ARE TOO CUTE! I love that each month is a different sticker making each milestone unique! Also, I love that they aren't too "girly," but 100% adorable. -tmgini

love it! -Maria