Wedding Tattoos

Wedding Tattoos

These wedding tattoos are a great value for the money and so fun to have at your bachelorette party.  They are unique because they are gold foil wedding tattoos. They add such a fun way to make your party that much more fun and crazy! The wedding tattoos are super easy to use. Just place the tattoo on your skin and apply a wet paper towel for 30 seconds and then slowly peel off the paper backing.

Removable Wedding Tattoos

Our wedding tattoos are removable wedding tattoos and they are made in the USA and are extremely high quality tattoos. We strive for quality and safety. 

There are many tattoos to choose from including six "bridesmaid" tattoos, one that says "true love", and XOXO, "LOVE with arrows" and "the Bride".

The other sheet has many other well designed wedding tattoos, like the gold foil heart with Bride knocked out in the center.

 Gold Foil WeddingTattoos

Our tattoos are gold foil wedding tattoos. They are bright and vibrant!

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