Baby Milestone Stickers

We've been working hard on our new collection of baby milestone stickers. 

Baby Milestone Stickers

Baby milestone stickers: Now that your baby has finally arrived, it's an exciting and joyful time. Each day is fresh and full of new surprises. You want to always remember theses special days as busy as you are, it might not be the first thing on your mind, but when things settle a bit you will want to capture those special moments. The best way to do this is to document your babies progress each month, using baby milestone stickers. 

What are baby milestone stickers? Well, they are fun stickers, usually round, designed in many fun ways for you to use to place on your babies onsie and snap a picture. So the baby milestone sticker might say "One month" and this is placed on the baby while he or she is lying down to capture what your precious baby looked like at the age of one month. It's as simple as that. You do this for each month as you baby grows.



We have designed a fun and cute selection of baby milestone stickers for boys and girls for you to choose from.

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